About us

About us
Polish Group Debt Collection WINDYKATOR - Debt Collection and Legal Services Company.

Unreliable and dishonest clients cause problems both to big corporations, small family businesses, and individuals carrying business activity as sole traders. Problems with insolvency encountered by many companies are often caused by unprofessional debt recovery companies.

Polish Group Debt Collection WINDYKATOR would like to meet all your needs. We try to apply protective measures so that our Clients can be safe. We struggle to be the best in business. We specialise in comprehensive debt recovery providing such services as debt collection, payment monitoring, business intelligence, and mediations.

We render full services with respect to debt management, legal and financial proceedings related thereto. We have been present on the market since 2003. We provide our Clients with the following: consistent follow-up, oral reports with respect to the negotiation progress, monthly written reports on undertaken activities, and full final settlement report.

It is easy to co-operate with us. All formalities required are minimized. Once the agreement is signed you are free to use all our services.

We hope that our offer will meet your expectations and you will join the group of our satisfied Clients. Debt Collection, payment monitoring, business intelligence - it is not a problem!