Debt Collection

Debt Collection - How Do We Operate?

Polish Group Debt Collection WINDYKATOR, a debt collection company providing legal services as well, provides comprehensive debt recovery on behalf of our Clients.

  • Pre-litigation Stage - we manage to solve app. 90 % of all cases at this stage. We provide our Clients with pro-active debt recovery using all available methods permissible by law. We undertake all actions to make debtors pay their debts. Amicable debt recovery settlement is carried out by properly qualified employees having adequate knowledge and experience in psychology, law, and modern negotiation methods. If we are unable to resolve the problem at this stage we try to use gathered information at the litigation-enforcement stage.
  • Litigation Stage - we provide all professional legal services required at this stage.
  • Enforcement Procedure - on the basis of a final and absolute court order we refer the case to the bailiff`s office recommended by us. The whole enforcement procedure is supervised by WINDYKATOR. We participate in all actions undertaken by the bailiff starting with the possible distraint of the assets, through asset management till the auction.

What if there is already a final and absolute court order against a debtor?

Our Clients often either already have a final and absolute court order or have a bailiff`s office representing them. Nonetheless, they are not satisfied with the course of action. If possible we engage bailiff`s offices that we can strongly recommend and we have known for years. Debt recovery, payment monitoring, business intelligence - it is not a problem!