Business intelligence

Business Intelligence - How Do We Operate?

Business Intelligence Services help to check the financial solvency and assets of future contractors or debtors.

Once all the information is gathered we draw up a report as detailed as it is required. We provide two types of Business Intelligence Services:

1. Full Business Intelligence Service consisting of the following:
  • verification of the legal status of the entity,
  • verification of certain registration data (date and place of registration, NIP No. [taxpayer`s identification number], REGON No. [statistical no.], etc.),
  • particulars of owners, members, shareholders, stockholders and the number of shares held,
  • verification of the initial/ share capital,
  • composition of the management board and number of employees,
  • verification of annual profit and income - review of financial reports and balance sheet,
  • on site visits where the business activity is carried out,
  • preparation of photographic documentation.
2. Verification of the financial situation of an individual or a business entity. Upon request we can supplement the report with information obtained after carrying out the following:
  • valuation of tangible assets of the company,
  • valuation of private assets of entrepreneurs,
  • verification of the factual and legal status of a real estate (official copies from the Land and Mortgage Register,
  • obtaining information about any pending proceedings against the company (court, bailiff),
  • obtaining information about any pending bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings,
  • determining an ownership title to the chattels (cars, equipment, etc.),
  • determining direct and indirect relations with other entities,
  • obtaining information about any taxes and other public dues in arrears,
  • checking if a debtor is listed in any other debt recovery firms and in the National Register of Debtors,
  • obtaining information about debtor`s debts, receivables, credits, etc.,
  • carrying out local enquiries were debtors live and where they carry business activities,
  • tracing hidden assets,
  • preparation of photographic documentation.

It is for you to decide what the report is to contain.